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Stealing donkeys 101: what to look for

I found an article written by some lady with some sort of bullshit degree in something blah blah, point being this chick is trying to ass block us thieves. It’s a boring read but give good pointers on what donkey owners are trying todo to keep us from getting dat ass! Read up donkey stealers and learn!



Mini donkeys, what!!!!

Yup there are mini donkeys available, and I want one.  Could you imagine it walking a donkey around instead of a dog, and you could do it too.  From what I’ve read on the internet they grow to about 33″ at the shoulders that means you could fit one in the passenger seat of a VW bug.  And to top it off they are so damned cute, I’m going to go out and steal me one soon….

Donkey vs. Me…… I win!

This guy is so damn awesome, this is the reason I love donkeys so much.

I bet a donkey could have kicked Hitlers ass!!

The following are some random pictures I found of donkeys and donkey related business, some of them are quite funny.  The one with the person wearing the donkey costume im still a little confused about and have been researching to figure just what in the hell is going on.




Why are donkeys always making it to the bedroom?

This is one thing I’ve never understood, is that donkeys are always making it into our sex lives usually just through names for things to do while having sex but in some extreme instances they actually make it to the bedroom.

The most common phrase is “donkey punch” in which the guy punches the woman in the back of the head during sex to tense up which ever “passage” is being used.  Every article I could find on the subject said it medically doesn’t make sence and the practice is often refered to as a rabbit punch because I guess that’s how they kill bunnies?

Then there’s the ever famous donkey show which is pretty self-explanatory.  I’ve never understood why any women would want to have sex with a donkey I mean I know they are beautiful creatures but come on!!  It was made famous in mexico and im not sure how often its is practiced but as far as im concerned once it too many times.

Basically people what im getting at is quit using donkeys in sex, both in the actual act of and in reference, because either way it’s just gross.

Wicked wheels of thieving!!

This is what Im thinking about adding to the stable to Donkey thieving what do ya guys think.  It has a little bit of everything plus it’s pink.